The online store collapsed after the end of Cosprom

Schalke captain Simon Derode, like his teammates, played without the “Cosprom” character in the game against Carlsruhe.Image: / Wolfgang Frank / Eibner Press Photo

FC Schalke 04 played without writing their longtime sponsor “Cosprom” on Carlsruhe. Instead, the Royal Blues pasted a wine-red third jersey with the words “FC Schalke 04” on it 1-1 over the weekend at Wildfark Stadium, which went well with the fans.

As the Russian company is in high demand for jerseys without advertising, the club brought special jerseys in “limited quantities” to its online store on Monday morning, which apparently caused enormous waiting times and various deadlines.

S04’s initial response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

This is the first time in Ruhrpottklub’s recent history that the club (now) has competed with the former sponsor “Gazprom”‘s logo without a shirt. Schalke 04 announced in a statement on Thursday afternoon:

“Considering the events, growth and expansion of the last few days, FC has decided to remove the characters from the Schalke 04 jersey.”

A sentence from the FC Schalke 04 newsletter

The move comes after Gazprom consulted with Germania, and said “there is no alternative as all jerseys in Schalke 04’s inventory have been printed since the beginning of the season”.

Having played in blue as KSC hosts on Saturday, Schalke sought out a red replacement jersey at the zoo. The same shirt model that Schalke already wore during the season. In addition, a special sports jersey was decorated for playing abroad.

Early in the morning the crowd of fans waved

Within hours of the announcement of the replacement jerseys, the club received a number of questions from fans as to whether these kits would also go on sale. Due to high demand, it was decided to sell the special jersey through the Schalke Fan store. The wine-red jersey can be purchased for. 69.99, the club talked about the “limited number”.

After the jersey was found Monday morning, supporters stormed the fan store, making it inaccessible.

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Followers on the network react accordingly:

The user “Sternkind” wrote, for example, and added in another tweet: “Until the S04 online shop page is set up, I will graduate, move to Sweden, build a house there and live happily in my retirement,” and added in another tweet: “The store has not been working since 8:55 am. Not even. Samma, @ S04, which server are you really using? It came from a local bingo game club reserved by Liselot Krabowski. Do you have a garden hut or vat? ”

Another user wrote: “Did #Anonymous #schalke equalize the store, or what’s going on there?”

FC Schalke responded on its Twitter channel: “Due to the high demand for special jerseys, the online store is currently reaching its limit. We ask for your patience,” it said.

It was also pointed out that it takes a few days to deliver the jerseys. Jerseys ordered on the first day of sale cannot guarantee timely delivery at the upcoming Home Game against Hansa Rostock on Saturday (March 5th). The association is asked to understand here.

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