New Activities, New Reports and Highlights: An update on the latest developments in the Govt-19 epidemic worldwide.

The epidemic has killed more than 2.71 million people worldwide since the end of December, with more than 122 million epidemics, according to a report founded by AFP on Sunday. The United States has the highest death toll (542,356), followed by Brazil (294,042) and Mexico (197,827).

These figures are underestimated worldwide. They are based on daily reports from national health officials, not including reassessments based on statistical sites.

6 million doses in 48 hours in the United States

For the first time in two consecutive days, the United States has delivered more than three million Covit-19 vaccines a day, another example of a vaccine campaign that continues to accelerate, official figures released Sunday.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. 24.5% of the population has now received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 13.3% have been vaccinated.

Germany: Extending or tightening controls on vision

At risk of provoking already growing discontent in public opinion, Covid faces a fast-growing third wave as Germany prepares on Monday to extend or tighten controls.

As Chancellor Angela Merkel and German regions meet in the afternoon for a new meeting on the strategy against the epidemic, the agenda facing the spread of the British variant of the virus has been radically changed, which is considered to be highly contagious and dangerous.

According to the Chancellor’s draft agreement, part of the existing prison system already in place in the country from the end of 2020 and scheduled for March 28 is planned to be “extended until April 18” immediately in the state. More locks are expected at the local level.

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Carnival without a mask in Marseille

Disguised as sunflowers, gorillas or doctors, there were about 6,500 people celebrating the festival on Sunday in Marseille, south of France, most of them young and without masks. The unauthorized meeting, described as “irresponsible” due to the Govt-19 epidemic, police intervened to disperse the crowd.

AstraZeneca: Europeans’ confidence is declining

Europeans’ confidence in the AstraZeneca / Oxford Govt-19 vaccine has plummeted over the past two weeks, amid concerns about possible side effects, according to a Yugov poll conducted between March 12 and 18 and published on Monday.

Its use has been discontinued in many countries for fear of causing blood clots, which can sometimes be dangerous. On Thursday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) re-launched the vaccine in several countries, saying it was “safe and effective.”

Domestic market commissioner Theory Breton said on Sunday that Europe may have reached a collective immunity on July 14.

Manila closes its churches

Churches in Manila will be closed and non-essential travel outside the Philippine capital will be banned from Monday under the new restrictions announced on Sunday as pollution in the country has reached a new record of more than 7 000 new cases a day.

Brazil authorizes the use of stocks for the first injection

Brazil on Sunday lifted its obligation to set aside vaccines for the 2nd injection to expedite vaccination and control the Covit-19 epidemic.

Infection drops HIV tests

Frenchman Franுவாois Barre-Sinoussi, Nobel Prize for Medicine and president of the Sidaxon Association, points to the “significant” impact of the health crisis on the fight against HIV. “Over the past year, screenings in some countries have dropped by as much as 50%,” says the virologist.

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United Nations (United Nations program on HIV) forecasts “raise fears of bad statistics: 300,000 more cases worldwide and 150,000 more deaths by 2022,” he added in the Sunday Journal.


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