Saturday to Sunday drastically changed in just 24 hours, here is hail, rain, wind and even snow

Weather forecast for the weekend

Weekend, what a shake! Hail, rain and even snow are coming. This is the most important novelty that emerges from the data that has just arrived from the main computing centers that the dose has increased compared to what they have begun to smell in recent days: among Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February There will be a dramatic change in just 24 hours, with a Winter tail shot.

In the next few days, a special weather configuration will be established at the European level: the strengthening of the Azores anticyclone in the direction of the UK and Scandinavia will allow a downpour A huge mass of very cold airfrom offshore Arctic extraction, in the direction of Italy, which will be associated with the pre-existing low-lying vortex in the Mediterranean region.
the cold currents It will spread in our country, first by investing sectors of the Adriatic with great force Bora windsThen it will extend to the rest of the regions as well.

a First result will matter TemperaturesWait out loud drop and much less than Climate averages As shown in the map below, we are talking about a real collapse of at least 8/10 degrees Celsius in just 24 hours (from a mild Saturday 25 to a freezing Sunday 26).

Vertical drop in temperature: from mild Saturday to freezing Sunday. 10 degrees Celsius lower
This purely winter air mass will continue its long journey by “binding” the existing low pressure area in the Mediterranean Basin giving it new strength and vitality, thus releasingA wave of bad weather. The map below, with the expected precipitation, clearly highlights the deterioration: heavy rains are expected over much of the centre, the south and the two main islands with Snowfall to a very low elevation (locally on the plain) RomaniaAnd UmbriaAnd Trademarksthe interior of Tuscany And in the evening too Piedmont.
Rain is expected during Sunday 26 February
It should be noted that this situation is still rapidly developing. So we look forward to new updates on this issue. Surely we are at the gates of a deterioration of the cold in a way that we have not witnessed practically throughout the winter season; So outside warm clothes and umbrellas, proffreeze wave This will make our teeth chatter!

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