The zombie Tates returned to Darvish, and the Padres beat the Mets

San Diego (AFP) – Fernando Tates Jr. returned to the starting line-up with Homer in two rounds who escaped the gauntlet of quarterback Mason Williams, as the San Diego Padres defeated the New York Mets 4-3 Thursday night.

The win went to Yu Darvish (6-1), who put in an efficient performance on the hill into the sixth inning and scored two goals. Marc Melancon added his 18th save after escaping a rule-laden situation in the ninth game when Kevin Pillar struck a hard kick in a late-game double.

Taiguan Walker (4-2) took the loss by receiving seven hits and four in five.

Tates also had to run to get to the plate and score on wild ground for Padres, who snapped a four-game losing streak in their first home run against the two top ranked teams.

James McCann hit Homer in two stages for the Mets, and Billy McKinney hit three RBIs to the wall in the eighth inning, almost leveling the score as New York rebounded from a 4-0 deficit.

for the Mets, Puerto Rican Francisco Lindor 3-1, with a two-round record; Thomas Nido 1-1. Venezuela’s Jose Peraza 3-1.

For Padres, Gorekson Provar of Curaçao 4-2, with the RBI. Dominican Fernando Tates Jr. 4-2, with two rounds and two RBIs scored; Jorge Mateo 2-0. Venezuelan Tukubeta Marcano 3-0. Puerto Rico Victor Caratini 3-0 with one goal.

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