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The White House has canceled tours by visitors, including those by celebrities who have traveled to Washington, D.C. to coincide with the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. All meetings related to the raid were recorded in the White House agenda as the “Mickey Mouse meeting”.

The famous photo is the one previously released showing Obama, surrounded by his staff, including National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Homeland Security Adviser John Brennan and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton alongside Vice President Joe Biden in the Situation Room. The “anticipated tension” in the room, which Obama himself later described, is palpable. Unable to focus on anything else, the president and his staff played cards in the Oval Office while they waited. At 3:30 in the afternoon, CIA Director Leon Panetta announced that helicopters were close to Osama’s compound. Historical photos were taken by Pete Souza, the official White House photographer, who smashed his “ass against a printer,” As he himself narrated in one of his books.

The front page of a document is blacked out in one of the new photos from Obama’s library, and another 307 were not given to the newspaper because they contained “classified national security information.” As the President and his staff watched events unfold before their eyes, one of the helicopters had to make an emergency landing inside the compound. William McRaven, the commander of operations in Afghanistan and Panetta announced almost simultaneously after 4:05 p.m.:  «Geronimo ID’d… Geronimo EKIA», ie Kill the enemy in action (Kill the enemy in battle).

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It was the CIA and the military Criticized for using the Apache leader’s name for bin Laden. “We get it,” Obama said calmly. After the handshakes, the concern turned to completing the operation with the exit of the naval forces from Pakistani airspace. Pictures of bin Laden’s dead body were carried around the room: Obama was sure it was him, while others said they would have to wait for DNA test results before they could confirm it. But while he was debating when to make the announcement, the news started reporting that the helicopter had crashed. After Michel’s confirmation, the president called his predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton first. explaining to Bush that theThe operation was the result of efforts that began during his administration. Also visible in one of the photos is Anthony Blinken, who was Vice President Biden’s national security advisor.


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