Unione athei offers Lego sets for the alternative clock of religion.  Sanader: Shows the inability to suggest valuable content, and we do not trust principles

The initiative of UAAR, the Union of Rational Atheists and Atheists, was discussed, which decided to give interested public high schools some Lego sets for teaching related to science and robotics. These groups are intended for lessons in which students who use an alternative education of the Catholic faith participate

It was possible to participate in the initiative until July 10. UAAR has already made the . file availableList of award winning schools.

The free choice of students and families, on the one hand and the other, must always be respected, which is why among the contents of the training for the alternative specialization of religion education, issues such as human rights, environmental protection, peaceful coexistence of peoples, interaction between cultures. dialogue, etc.”, comments Orazio Rosica, National Secretary Sanader.

“Therefore, it is certainly an original initiative by the UAAR that supported the alternative activity of teaching the Catholic religion, and they have allocated €70,000 to allocate 175 groups designed to learn teaching related to science and robotics in the age range of 11-14Rosica continues.

But for snares.”The “in-depth study” of scholarly subjects should be directed at all students and not just those who choose the alternative teaching of the Catholic religion. These activities are configured as strengthening activities, and therefore should be considered common to all students, similar to what happens in the curriculum.

Schools need economic resources, but a public school must seek these resources in its budget to activate courses that, if shared and approved by collegiate bodies, must be supported with teaching tools defined by teachers and ensured that they are available to all schools. In this regard, we do not trust school administrators to arrange these activities for non-users only, as this action would create a distinction between those who use the teachings of the Catholic religion and those who do not.“.

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He concludes: “It is clear that the idea of ​​presenting topics and contents for alternative activity to CRI other than the specialized field of humanities/philosophical/social shows an inability to suggest valid contents equal to the high cultural value of the teaching of religion“.



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