Mike Pence told Republicans to stop these attacks on the FBI

On Wednesday, former US Vice President Mike Pence publicly urged fellow Republicans to stop attacking the FBI, the investigative agency of the US Federal Police.

Days ago, many partisan politicians were carrying out a smear campaign against the FBI, since August 8, the agency raided the villa of former President Donald Trump in Florida to search for some secret documents that Trump apparently took to his private villa and confiscated them. at the end of the state. A few days later, he appeared on behalf of the FBI was achieving Trump is charged with espionage and other crimes. Among the Republicans who have viciously attacked the FBI are members of Congress as well, and some have called on the FBI to cut funding.

Speaking during a political event in New Hampshire, Pence He said that “the Republican Party is the party of law and order” (referring to an expression that Donald Trump has used extensively in his tenure years and in his election campaigns,”Law and order “), then added, “Our party stands with law enforcement men and women at the federal, state, and local levels, and these attacks on the FBI must stop.”

According to US newspapers, with this speech, Pence wanted to distance himself from the faction of the Republican Party more loyal to Trump. The The New York Times He wrote that Pence appears to be positioning himself in light of a potential presidential nomination.

Pence also said he would “consider” a call to testify before the House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Congress, in which Trump supporters tried to stop the trial. Testimony of the presidential election, won by Joe Biden. Prior to this intervention in New Hampshire, Pence had rarely talked about the possibility of testifying about the attack on Congress and had always seemed unwilling to do so.

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In recent weeks, the commission has discussed the possibility of summoning prominent figures such as Pence or Trump to testify: however, it feared that both would refuse and open a public dispute to force them to swear an oath before the commission, compromising work to collect testimonies.


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