We have not heard of former US President Donald Trump, who on Sunday strongly suggested that he plans to run again in the next US election in 2024: an almost unprecedented situation.

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“He’s talking like a candidate, not saying he’s going to run in a few years. He’s still following the teleprompter, which shows minimal discipline, and for me, he’s taken it very seriously. Rafael Jacob, a member of the Ra -l-Tundrand chair, mentions.

Back on Sunday, in front of his supporters attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the 45th President of the United States won an election and presented himself, a month old since the end of his mandate for his first speech.

“You know, they lost the White House, but who knows? I can decide to beat them a third time,” Donald Trump told the relatively full room.

If he had made it clear that he did not plan to start his own political party “so as not to divide the vote”, he would not have closed the door on running for Conservative leader in 2024.

“With your help, […] A Republican president will successfully return to the White House, and I wonder who it is. Who, who, who? », He shouted to say.

Same cassette

Reiterating the same Ridornello for an hour and a half, the Septuagenarian reiterated his dissent in the last election, which he still considers “fraudulent.” He does not reduce his words when talking about his successor’s “catastrophic” first month and condemns its consequences.

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“We have never seen a former president return to the stage so quickly […] With a political and discriminatory speech, ”Mr. Jacob comments.

According to the analyst, very few former presidents are running again after a period of defeat.

“For more than a century, all presidents have walked out, except Ford, who is considering a return. Trump is a former president. He has a real chance of returning as a presidential candidate. This is almost unprecedented,” he continues.

Never won in advance

After all, his place as Republican leader has not been won in advance, according to Bernard Motelsky, UQAM’s communications professor.

“He has now shown that he does not need to defeat the Democrats. […] For me, the challenges are no more. It is clear that the Republican Party is looking for where to position itself to regain control. The 2016 recipe did not work in 2020. Will it work in 2024? He asks.

The same retornello, again and again

“Joe Biden has had the worst first month of any president in modern history. The Biden administration has already proven itself to be anti-job, anti-family, anti-border, anti-energy, anti-woman and anti-science.”

“You know, they lost the White House, but who knows? I can decide to beat them a third time.”

“Last year I predicted that the Biden administration’s serious corruption and incompetence would be unprecedented in American history. Unfortunately, he has already proved that I am 100% right.”

“Ensuring that elections are fair, fair and secure is one of the most important.”

– Donald Trump


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