Real estate nightmare About Caroline Bowman, a 33-year-old Australian who, after moving into an apartment in Sydney I found that a layer of paint was hiding on the walls under the new paint musty. Before you realize the house was haunted, But Caroline started getting sick. Serious breathing problems caused precisely by prolonged exposure to an unsanitary environment, filled with mold. The woman told that “the whole ceiling had turned completely black due to mold. Not only that, but the microorganisms were also inside the walls.”

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Another shocking discovery during a visit to Otrino On severe pain: “The doctor took a tampon and there were some Aspergillus mold in my ears”. In addition to respiratory issues and an ear infection, the 33-year-old was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After two years at home in an attempt to get the landlord to take her problem seriously, Mrs. Bowman was forced to move in with her mother. Mold-related diseases in Australia were the subject of a parliamentary inquiry in 2018. “Symptoms often ruined life, making normal work and interaction almost impossible,” said the panel’s chair, Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman.

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