On Monday, July 12, Playground Games revealed new features and functionality for Forza Horizon 5. After the skies and climatic conditions of Mexico, it’s time for the sound of the vehicles to be detailed. The British studio is already back in business, insisting in particular on capturing sounds and using acoustic ray tracing. Information accompanied by new gameplay clips! What should we remember from the new Let’s Go Forza Horizon 5? We summarize it all for you!

320 registered vehicles!

fingered in Forza Horizon 4, Engine sounds, in this new opus, benefit from a very special attention. The developers have already listened to players’ complaints and tried their best to have a more satisfactory experience. Mike Brown, creative director, and Fraser Strachan, lead sound designer, detailed the work done by the teams.

For Forza Horizon 5, the developers have recorded the sound of more than 320 different vehicles. The recordings add to the already extensive library available to the studio. For example, during a live broadcast, we can monitor the recording of the sounds of a BMW M3, Lancia Stratos, Volkswagen Golf R or two Toyota Supras.

To capture this sound, a file An average of eight microphones were placed on each vehicle To record it as accurately as possible. Furthermore, an amusing anecdote from the developers, they said they broke several microphones during attempts to record near the exhaust. This is not surprising given the heat it gives off and the noise it makes. Of course, it is easier to pick up the sound of some vehicles than others. We will think in particular in the case of hybrid and electric cars, they are quieter than their thermal counterparts. As for the process, the developers proceeded in a completely different way compared to Forza Horizon 4. In short, in this, vehicles were placed on an electric seat in a closed garage where they were accelerated and braked. In order to get more realistic and faithful sounds, this time the team made recordings on the track.

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However, if you remember the feedback from the experience Jonathan Marol, after the developer worked on Test Drive Unlimited 2During his interview with Mangalore, he explained that just like modeling cars, recording the sound of its engine is such a colossal job that it’s impossible to record for all of the game’s vehicles. Impossible from a technical, financial and above all a time point of view. Thus, for models with a similar sound, the developers will take a branded car with a similar sound and modify the sounds.Forza Horizon-5-Mitsubishi-Lancer-Evolution-X-GSR

Ray tracing in the audio service

Just as there is an in-studio graphics engine to achieve combos or cars, in short everything related to visuals, Playground Games also has one. Developed one to collect sounds. Thanks to this engine, they can even rewrite the recorded / reproduced ones. Certainly Forza Horizon 4, developers can only use this process for 10/15% of the vehicles in the game. Forza Horizon 5They were able to use it with all of them, whether these sounds were recorded or modeled. Moreover, when we talk about modeling, we always think of the visual aspect of the term. However, this aspect is also present for the sound. This is also true for rtracks. Indeed, in the minds of the vast majority of people, this term refers to everything related to reflections, brightness, in other words a contribution to the graphics service. But did you know that This term also applies to sound ? Yes Yes ! This, like light, propagates in space, is reflected on surfaces in different ways depending on the texture, etc. This is exactly the principle of radars and sonars elsewhere. Thus, with a lot of work, the developers have succeeded in developing a true spatial sound which will allow you to further immerse yourself in the game. This is even more true in the case of races with other participants, whether they are robots or real players. And therefore, Depending on the circumstances, you will hear your car sounds differently or even be able to hear your opponents more than your own., for example if you are overtaken or driving in a tunnel. In short, all this is in line with the goal of greater realism within Forza Horizon 5.Forza Horizon 5 McLaren 720S Coupe

Enhanced audio with Xbox Series capabilities

In addition to all the work that has been done in connection with the recording or reproduction of sounds, this aspect has also benefited from the contributions generated by the technical capabilities of the Xbox Series X and S. To sum up the idea, the new generation machines have the possibility to use New audio compression formats offer a much better presentation than it was in Forza Horizon 4.Forza-Horizon-5-Preparation-Cars

Today’s Bonus: Overview of the mechanical setup of vehicles and kits Forza Horizon 5

Today’s live stream was also an opportunity to get a file An overview of what the menus will look like when the cars are ready. While these were all horizontal in the previous opus, their order has been completely revised in this new opus as you can see in the image above. In addition to interesting small details, it will be possible to make your car roar, as was possible for example in Need for Speed ​​Heat, and listen to the sound effects of the changes you want to install.

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In addition, to clarify the work done on the sound of cars, we can see some of them in-game. A chance once again to be able to admire the beauty of the landscape that we will have the opportunity to explore in November, whether in the middle of a desert or in the heart of a tropical forest.

Finally, as in previous streams, end with a short question-and-answer session that follows, with some interesting information:

  • Will the sound be different depending on whether you’re driving a car from top to bottom or a rolling car? Yeah !
  • Will the sound be different between a car with a soft roof and another with a hard roof? Yes again!

In addition, the sound perception will be different depending on the camera you are driving with and your position in relation to your vehicle.

Regarding them, the developers announced that The list of everyone present since the launch of the game will be the most important in the entire series. As for the hundred fourth opus that is currently over 750, something catches the eye! Additionally, as harassment, Mike Brown Announced that we will have more information about this as well as the game map in the coming weeks. Do we expect a reveal? Only the future will tell

Forza-horizon-5 ad

In short, this is again a very large amount of information disclosed by the developers Forza Horizon 5. Be it visually or audio as discussed today, we see more than ever how Playground Games’ open world racing game promises to be a true pinnacle on all levels. he is It will definitely help take the series to a level of realism and immersion never seen before. We can’t wait for the next stream to learn more about one of Microsoft’s end of 2021 technology showcases.

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