Wilfrench loses its invincibility in Annecy

There is only one undefeated team in the national quarter of the championship, the leader and favorite in the climb is Bork-Boronas. FC Villefranche-Beaujolais suspended their strongest series at Anci (0-2) on Monday, without defeat, even before this Monday evening. The fighting of these groups on the Kaladois platform had begun even stronger, hitting five times in the first quarter hour, but would have paid more for this excess waste in the rain.

To make up for the suspension of captain Kevin Renault, Herve della Maguire brought Jimmy Nillow down to a level that left his place for Remy Sergio a month later. This recipe seemed to work first, as he faced Annecy, who lost several executives, including top-ranked Romain Spano (6 goals). After 20 seconds, Elizar put the first shot, deflected, but towards the goal. Utilizing the width well, the FCVB used to replace the Taufflieb, 20 m (7th), then Goose (12th), with a very powerful strike but slightly off target from 25m (12th), without hitting the orbit.

Annecy scored three times before the break, for two goals

Frightened at the change, Ansie did not hear so many bullets and used a poor recovery from the lock to win quickly, with the victory: the center of the rook, hit on the head by Flico, returned to the box Kieram. Former Cane shot still deflected into the small net by Nillo (1-0, 18th). The feet were stiff, especially when the foreshadowing of a waste caldose was so important that an anesthesiologist pressing four times would often cause a mistake. Not forgetting these balls in the depths of Elizer or Tabase, the Hot-Sawyards were taken very easily by the rear guard. In one of them, with the added bonus of Flejo’s poor alignment in this bright start of Posetti, Keremi played better against the goalkeeper against the goalkeeper in the 4th goal of the Test this season (2-0, 43rd).

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Under a downpour, Villefranche did not resolve its shortcomings after the break. The match received more in electricity than liquid. So, after the return of the third attacker with Quilavoku and the passage of a pass for four defenders in the last quarter hour, Herve della Magiore’s team did not create a real opportunity for a second action. The most powerful title from Ponenfond in a corner from Sergio (78th). Butte avoided the worst with his foot in front of Fillon (82nd), but the first defeat at the galley had already been consumed. With the second trip in a row to Saint-Bruce on Friday, Willefrange will not have time to think about it.


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