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(ANSA) – Khartoum, October 28 – Sudanese security forces carried out a barrage of arrests of activists and demonstrators in an attempt to put an end to opposition to the coup of Major General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan.

Last night, soldiers confronted the demonstrators, determined to maintain the barricades and a general strike.

Clashes took place in particular in the Buri area, east of Khartoum, where hundreds of protesters threw stones, and in the Khartoum suburb of Noord, the security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets.

And the Ministry of Information, loyal to the ousted government, announced, in a statement, this evening, that the security forces were consolidating their control over the capital: “Neighbourhoods and streets were closed with armored vehicles and gunmen” and “women were dragged into the area.” Earth. He also urged the international community to investigate violations committed against unarmed protesters.

Meanwhile, the African Union and the World Bank have increased pressure on the military: the first has suspended Sudan from its members and the second has stopped its vital aid to this impoverished country mired in economic stagnation and conflict. (Dealing).

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