Sony: Youtuber makes his own PS5 Slim [VIDEO]

Sony They usually release slim versions of their consoles, we have the status of the models ‘moderate’ For PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4, but the company decided not to “downgrade” the next-generation console PlayStation 5.

However, the well-known “Youtube user” Matt’s perks (DIY perks) He decided to take matters into his own hands and create the world’s first PS5 Slim.

The PS5 Slim by DIY contains 2.54 cm Thick, it’s a copper plate compared to the massive design of the original PS5.

What about the cooling system?

Place the source and cooling system of original PS5 In the DIY slim version, styling will not help. So Perks decided to build their own water-cooling system and put the power supply in a tall, thin outer case.

Although it’s not perfect, and there were issues during the process, I was eventually able to get the console to work. they Cooling system It was more efficient than Sony’s PS5, judging by the comparisons played to Horizon Forbidden West.

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