More than 600 migrants have arrived: two NGOs are traveling towards our coasts

A few hours of fine weather was enough for the large-scale resumption of the landings on the island LampedusaWhere they arrived within a few hours 288 immigrants. There were six landings on the island during the last night alone, during which the Guardia di Finanza and the Coast Guard worked tirelessly to recover small boats that were intercepted a few miles off the coast of the island. Al-Muhajireen announced to the military that they had set sail from Sfax in Tunisia and from Al-Zahraa in Libya. The assumed source would be: Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Bangladesh and Ivory Coast. Meanwhile, two NGO ships are taking the other ships into port, still in Italy About 640 immigrants.

On the small boats that arrived in Lampedusa during the night, there were between 17 and 97 migrants, who again filled up. hotspot. Among those who arrived yesterday and those who landed during the night, in fact, there were a total of 418 present against a maximum capacity of about 350 immigrants. New transports will be prepared in the next few hours, with the hope that this day will not be a harbinger of more landings, which will increase the load on the structure and its operators.

Meanwhile, amid the usual complaints about being far from port and accusations leveled at Italy, the ship Geo Parents sailing in a direction Barry On board are 605 immigrants. Following her itinerary it can be seen that she has just passed the coast facing Brindisi and is expected to reach the Paulican capital in about 24 hours. If Bari was indeed too far away from the ship, MSF could have asked to be disembarked at one of the many Adriatic ports the ship had already passed through, considered safe, between Greece and Albania. But as usual, it seems clear that the goal is to land in Italy rather than in a safe port.

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In these hours, the Italian authorities also assigned a port to another humanitarian ship, the Sea eyewhich was supposed to Ortonain the province of Chieti. It is carrying 17 migrants and is currently in international waters south of Malta. He is expected to arrive at port in a few days, but in the meantime he will hardly apply to port from other countries, and will most likely complain about the distance from Ortona to attempt a comfortable landing in Sicily.


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