Confrontation after the attack on the Brazilian Parliament: Ex-President Bolsonaro under investigation.  Arrest the Minister of Justice

investigating inAttack on the Parliament of Brasilia about the former president, Jair BolsonaroAnd to his closest men. former Minister of Justice, Anderson TorresIt was Arrested Just landed in the capital, returning from his trip to fl, where the former president is still lying in an American clinic. To break the news is CNN Brazil. On Saturday morning, the news also reached the judges in charge of the investigation He opened a file against Bolsonaro Personally, after the expiration of his term, he no longer enjoys bimmunity.

The Supreme Court decided to include the former Brazilian leader in the investigation after the request of the Brazilian Public Prosecutor, Augustus Arraswho assumed crimes Incitement and intellectual parenting about the assault. Under the accusation, in particular, there will be a Videowhich Bolsonaro posted on social media two days after the attack, on January 10, and then removed, which states that the new president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva He was not elected, but was chosen by the Supreme Court. Although the video was released after the riot, prosecutors believe the content is sufficient to investigate his behaviour.

“Jair Bolsonaro’s statements were another occasion in which the former president placed himself in a theoretically criminal and offensive position towards institutions, in particular the Supreme Court.” Thus a judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil, Alexander d Moraes The National Prosecutor’s Office is authorized to place Bolsonaro under investigation. “It is important to note that Bolsonaro has repeatedly engaged in the same behaviors for which he is now under investigation,” added the judge, who thus gave a positive response to the prosecutor’s request.

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Meanwhile the Minister of Justice said, Flavio Dinoannounced that he will be there in the coming days Other arrests To participate in the attack last Sunday.


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