Anti-Semitism Identity During the Anti-Health Pass Demonstration: What We Know

This photo caused a stir in the political world. Broadcast on social media this weekend, the names of a young woman, several politicians, businessmen and intellectuals were engraved during an anti-health pass demonstration in the Mets, from Patrick Drohi to Gabriel Attle, some of them Emmanuel Macron Jews.

In the logo, the names form the slogan: “But who?”, Which became more and more noticeable during these events and was inspired by the response of retired General Dominique Deloverde – who signed on the site of the Generals – in mid-June, on the CNews channel. To the question “Who controls the media pack?” After several reminders, the person responded with “community you know well,” cut by presenter Jean-Marc Morandini.

“This sign is disgusting. Anti-Semitism is a crime. On his Twitter account. “Police are mobilized to identify the culprit,” he continued.

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In fact. The province of Moselle announced on Sunday evening that it would launch an investigation into the “clearly identified with anti-Semitic message” by the prosecutor’s office in the Mets. When asked by AFP, Prefect Laurent Dowd said it was an investigation into the flag handed over at the Metz police station.

The writer may have been an elected municipal official from Homburg-Hot (Moselle) who was a former ally of Louis Alliot, who was second in the National Rally (ex-FN). Independent.

A complaint from Lycra

The mayor of the Mets, Franுவாois Crostidier (LR), said he was “outraged, slandered, but unfortunately not surprised” and condemned “a combination of extreme and all denials in a populist and anti-Semitic magma.” I hope the person carrying the identity will be allowed in, ”he added.

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The International League for Anti-Racism and Anti-Semitism (Lygra) on Sunday announced its intention to file a complaint to the AFP as part of that, considering “we are very clear on the presence of an identity with anti-Semitism.” We have to be “insurmountable,” he stressed.

SOS Racism said in a statement that it was “studying” the possibility of legal action.

“Shocking and insurgent,” condemned Geneva Toryusek, the representative of the Minister of the Armed Forces in charge of memory and veterans.

“Anti-Semitism was killed yesterday and is still being killed today. Anti-Semitism is not an opinion. It is a crime, it must be properly condemned,” Equality Minister Elizabeth Moreno added on Twitter.

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My Marseille General Representative! Stanislas Gurini said, “Open-faced-anti-Semitism. The boycott The Israeli embassy in France was finally” stunned by the expression of the worst anti-Semitism. ”



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