Twitter Plans to test new features related Privacy It is designed to give users more control over their follower lists and allow them to view and like their posts. It will still be an effort Twitter In order for people to be more comfortable sharing their posts on the social network.

These tools are related to how Twitter administrators manage “social privacy” or users’ reputation and identities in the service. This includes a person’s follower list, tweets they like and whether their accounts are public or private. Features considered include the ability to edit follower lists and a tool for archiving old tweets.

The company’s privacy team works on a number of products to reduce the uncertainty of this user. Some of them will be tested soon, while others are now in the comment stage. “When social privacy requirements are not met, people restrict their self-expression,” said Svetlana Pimkina, a social analyst at the company.

Possible new functions

According to Bloomberg, some possible products: Archived tweets. Allow Twitter users to hide old tweets after a certain period of time. The account holder knows the tweets, but no one else knows. The company is considering various time options, including covering posts after 30, 60, and 90 days, or covering tweets after a full year. This product has no release date and is still under comment.

Deleting followers. Users can quickly remove followers. Currently, this is only possible by blocking someone. Twitter plans to test this feature from this month. Hide your favorite tweets. Users can quickly set who, their followers, or selected groups – who can view the desired tweets. There is no deadline to test this feature.

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