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The spread of the Omicron variant has resulted in the cancellation of at least 4,500 commercial flights worldwide – with inconvenience for tens of thousands of passengers: the problem is caused by a lack of staff on board and on the ground

at most 4500 commercial flights she was Deleted and others ten thousands accumulated big delays, in the last few hours, all over the world, because of pandemic, causing inconvenience to tens of thousands of passengers.

According to the specialized website Flightaware, which was reported by Reuters, more than a quarter of these cancellations relate to the United States, between domestic and international communications. At least 2,401 flights have been canceled on Christmas Eve, and more than 1,800 are already on Christmas Eve. Another 400 flights were canceled on Sunday.

To cause massive annoyance varante Omicron From the Sars-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid: Many companies have had to deal with isolating individuals on board aircraft or ground operations.

If even Omicron is really less bad, and doesn’t clog health systems (at least where the proportion of people vaccinated is high), His impact on the world will remain enormousPrecisely because of its speed, and the (very high) number of people who find themselves (and will find themselves) facing quarantine.

In the United States, at least three-quarters of new infections were introduced by Omicron; On the East Coast, the percentage goes up to 90%.

The airlines most interested are Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines.

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in a Great BritainAnd many production chains and many transportation networks are struggling, in these hours, due to a lack of labor, many of whom are in quarantine.

One in 20 Londoners contracted the coronavirus last weekThe rate could rise to 1 in 10 early next week.

Record data on injuries were also recorded in other countries, from France to Italy.

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