With these plants, mosquitoes will only be a distant memory if they eat them all

It is these plants that completely eliminate mosquitoes in the house. They drive them away and make sure they never come back!

Mosquito repelling plant – Adriatico24ore.it

Mosquitoes are insects that live with humans, especially in the summer. It’s not always a good idea to use chemical repellents, just to keep everyone healthy – including babies and their four-legged friends. For this reason, the Plant experts They focused on two plants that are able to eradicate mosquitoes in the home and in the garden. Let’s discover them together.

Plants that kill mosquitoes

there Portuguese dew (Drosera intermedia) A wonderful and highly effective carnivorous plant, ideal for eliminating pesky mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors. This plant belongs to the Droseraceae family, and is native to the wetlands of Europe, and is found in particular Usually in PortugalIt is from him that he takes his name.

What makes Drocera such a great choice? To control mosquitoes It is the unique and effective hunting mechanism. Mosquitoes, like many other flying insects, come in They are attracted to light, floral scents. However, when they approach the plant, they fall into the gunk on the leaves. This substance acts as a kind of glue that traps insects irreversibly.

Arm mosquito
Arm mosquito

the Drosera leaves adorn it Small thread hair Covered in glittery drops, giving it the appearance of little gems. These glowing droplets are actually sticky secretions that attract and trap insects. Once the mosquito is caught, the plant A Digestion Process Through specialized enzymes, it dissolves the insect and absorbs its nutrients. This extraordinary adaptation allows the plant to sustain itself in nutrient poor environments.

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Dew – Adriatico24ore.it

Where do you grow and how?

the plant in question It thrives in places with high humidity and scattered sunlight. It can be grown in pots or in the garden as long as the environmental conditions meet its needs. It is a hardy plant that requires little maintenance, making it suitable even for those without extensive gardening experience. However, it matters Do not overcook the plantIts leaves must have enough room to expand and trap insects.

If you want to use Drosera portuguese for Get rid of mosquitoes In the home or garden, and it is recommended to place it in the places where these annoying creatures reside particularly problematic. And outdoors, it can be placed near windows or doors that mosquitoes enter. Inside, it can be placed Proximity to lamps or light sourcesAs mosquitoes tend to approach these areas.

Mosquito repellent plants
Mosquito repellent plants

Another advantage is that they exist Adds a touch of nature and the beauty of the surrounding environment. It is a pleasure to look at its glossy leaves and delicate pink or white flowers Help enrich the atmosphere From the garden or from the inside.


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