In which countries is it mandatory

when and how much do the The green corridor and how to check compliance with the relevant legislation is not only a problem for Italy, but is found throughoutEuropean Union.

Between monitoring, sanctions, obligations and social dynamics, the green corridor is also mandatory in other European countries with different scales and weights depending on location. we see in which countries from the European Union Green lane is mandatory And what are the general guidelines outside of Italy.

In which countries is the green corridor mandatory: first of all travel

Even before the internal debate in various EU countries, Green Passage is mandatory for travel Among the states that require this certification.

This means that it is good for all Italians who want to travel to Europe to inquire about everything judgments It is useful to be able to cross within the host country, as it is not always the same everywhere.

This is especially true for Those who book their holidays in August risk cancellation or delay.

France and the Green Corridor

the France It is the European country that has pushed the most to extend the use of the Green Corridor to other activities, as well as to enter the French field of jurisdiction. In France, the duty to show green lane Not only in the theater and in social meeting places, but also on buses and trains, al supermarket And in stores.

However, it seems that this tough line that Emmanuel Macron was trying to impose is on the way softening And more inclined to the Italian model of restricting the commitment to social activities, without touching restrictions on access to food, which would be very difficult to justify according to French government lawyers. there will beGreen Traffic Commitment to reach Health facilities.

The United Kingdom and all the free

England is the exact opposite of France. In fact, in the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson He has suspended all internal restrictions within the nation for the time being, though he announced new laws for the beginning of September.

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The idea of ​​the British government is to create a maneuver that pushes young people to it take the vaccine through campaigns awarenessInstead of creating a system of control and prohibitions based on access to places of social and entertainment nature.

Spain and Portugal

In Spain the green corridor is Mandatory for tourism In particular, in Catalonia also to participate in events with a capacity of more than 500 people.

In Portugal, however, the government line is much stricter and Health pass It is necessary to go to the restaurant in 60 different municipalities, including Lisbon and Porto. Moreover, the curfew lasts from 11 pm until 5 am and there very strict restrictions Bars and their hours.

What is happening in Germany

Germany has not yet imposed restrictions, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly stated that she does not want any restrictions, at least for the time being. L ‘Green traffic commitment is not among the projects Government officials and the chancellor reassure us on this aspect.

However, Angela Merkel urged the population to vaccinate as much as possible and the government will continue to do so Awareness campaigns Which, however, does not prescribe any kind of obligations inherent in a green card, neither with respect to travel, nor with respect to engaging in commercial, health or primary activities, such as supermarkets.

Greece and Variable Delta

With the fear of the delta variable, Greece decided that Force the green lane الممر For both bars and restaurants, as well as for all cultural sites.

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Nightlife in Greece is undergoing changes in the normal course, especially in some areas, such as the case of MykonosWhich not so long ago canceled the music in nightclubs.

Denmark follows the French line

in denmark, il green pass serving about to go Everywhere. Apart from basic goods, green certificates are used to go to almost all places: from restaurants, cinemas, theaters and even a hairdresser.

The dominant font is Do not accept clients Inside the store that does not have a green certificate.

Middle Route Latvia and Lithuania

Regarding, however, Latvia and LithuaniaThese two countries have adopted an intermediate policy between strict restriction and access Even for those who have not been vaccinated.

In fact, those who own the green lane can easily access bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, and social activities without any restrictions; While those without the green certificate can still access services – including bars and restaurants – but only outdoors and respect the distance.


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