The Pope accepts the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris.  The one that says

Pope Francesco I accepted the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr. Michel Aupetit. The bishop left the leadership of the diocese after some French media He revealed that he had an affair with a woman in 2012. Accepting the resignation of Monsignor Aupetit, Bergoglio at the same time appointed Monsignor George Pontier Vacancy in Apostolic Official See et al The direction of the Holy See Paris Diocese. The man chosen by the Pope as 78-year-old Emeritus Archbishop MarseilleNow he will have to work in close synergy with the French Ambassador to France, Monsignor Celestino Millhiore, to ensure a quick and peaceful succession at the head of the capital diocese. The situation in the Vatican has certainly caused great concern since, in March 2021, the Deputy Procurator General, Mgr. Benoist de Sainte and monsignor Alexis Lebro, they resigned specifically in controversy with their immediate archbishop.

Monsignor Auppetit is 70 years old, and had it not been for the scandal of the love story, he would have ruled the Church in Paris for at least five more years. Doctor, by great invitation, the bishop became a priest at the age of 44. In 2013 Benedict XVI He appointed him auxiliary bishop of Paris. The following year, Francis was promoted to bishop Nanterre Then, three years later, he was entrusted with the leadership of the Diocese of the French capital. As it appeared, love story It happened when Aupetit was not yet a bishop, but only a priest and was vicar-general of the Archdiocese of Paris, at that time led by the Cardinal Andre Winget Troy. Nevertheless, the bishop always dismissed the accusations in reconstructing the facts: “When I was deputy general, a woman appeared so many times with visits, e-mails, etc., that sometimes I had to make arrangements to distance ourselves. However, I am aware that mine behavior Towards him it would have been mysterious, allowing the presence of one among us to suggest Intimacy Based on intercoursewhich I strongly deny. In early 2012, I informed my spiritual director, and after discussion with the then Archbishop of Paris, I decided not to see her again and told her so. In the spring of 2020, having recalled this old situation with my vicar-general, I reported to the church authorities.”

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Upon announcing his resignation, Opetit explained: “I would say that I am I’m so sorry About the problems caused by believers who have already gone through many trials since the fire our ladycovid Ciase Report (On the inclinations of children of the French clergy, editor) and who today find themselves in front of this article in the newspaper the point This interests me. I trust that reading it also shocked me and wondered if there were a lot of people who wanted me to leave. Asylum for prayer and the support of the many priests, seminarians, faithful and friends in Paris have given me comfort and allowed me to stay in these last days. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the trust and affection they have given me.”

The former Archbishop of Paris had now also responded to other attacks against him: from problems of governance to accusations Neglecting. Of course, – explained Aupetit – it is only natural that the decisions that are made are created frustrations It causes bitterness, but I do not take it myself. I am surrounded by many advisors. They are priests, deacons and laymen, and I have always wished that more and more women could participate actively because I consider their contribution to discrimination irreplaceable. But it is also true that although the decision is made jointly, it is necessary that I take it and take responsibility for it and with it also the potential resentment it can generate.” love story He explained, “Another very disturbing fact is the revelation of someone Intimacy that I would have been a chaplain ten years ago, was revealed via an email sent to my address and shared with my secretary at the time. Anyone who knew me at the time, and shares my daily life with me, can certainly attest that I did not live a double life as the article suggests. I admit, as I have already said, that I handled the situation poorly with a person who repeatedly expressed himself towards me. I passed this error on to my spiritual guide and the church authorities learned of it.” But the pope’s judgment was clearly different.

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