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The series ended without a win, with three points for the final try and a young man rewarded as the tournament winner: a 2-1 win at Baderborn was one to the taste of HSV coach Tim Walter.

Matthias Heidrich

Jonas Muffert knew it before he threw the ball into the net. “When I saw Tommy get the ball, I wanted to return to the flag in the corner, and I’m glad he did,” said Hamburg Six. “We know his ultimate strength from training.”

Tommy could really trust Doyle. The 20-year-old measured the edge of the penalty area and put the ball in a perfect spot in the right corner after David Kinsombi’s heel was put down. Baderborn keeper Janick Hooth has no chance The first HSV win was sealed after three consecutive tracks – and coach Walter confirmed him and the club’s philosophy.

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“This is our way. We create people like Tommy or Jonas David who created the best game,” Walter said. “These people also take on more responsibility and carry everything.”

“We are rewarded for what we do – for our passion, seriousness and courage.”
HSV-Coach Tim Walter

But Walter did not want to admire his young savages either. “The boys still have a lot of mistakes,” the coach said: “But now we’ve all created a unit.

The tournament winner with strong shooting technique then acted as a team player: “I’m very excited about the goal. But the most important thing is that I was able to help the team and we managed to get three very important points.” With the fourth “three” of the season, HSV climbed to sixth in the table. .

But there will be more to the “red band”. The main drawback of HSV this season is the exploitation of batting chances, which again became clear against Paderborn. After center forward Robert Gladzell, the most successful HSV shooter with six goals, defender Moritz Haier is the only Hamburg player to score multiple times with just five goals.

The target yield of HSV is still weak

“That’s the hard part: scoring goals,” Walter said, adding that he basically agrees with his team’s growth: “Normally we can do certain things better. The way we act is very good.”

“In football it’s like that: if you get the chance, you should be there.”
HSV-Profi Tommy Doyle

Doyle can help score with his final strength. But Walter is still tough on him in the system. The HSV coach does not primarily need art shooters for his power and running extreme football, but workers, ball winners and supervisors. He sees some catching up to do the skills he borrowed from Manchester City.

However, Doyle gained a taste: “Of course I want to play more. But in football it’s like that: If you get the chance, you should be there.” It was definitely against Fatherborn.

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