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Covid mutations have not rendered vaccination useless. a word Cyril Cohen, an immunologist and consultant to the government of Israel, a country that has often foreseen scenarios in the months of the pandemic. Scenarios that don’t always bode well: “The problem is that we don’t know which variant will be prevalent in the fall. If Omicron is still OK, but if it’s new and different, we risk coming back again” answer those who – like Happening every day – He asks him about the updated vaccine.

Another hurdle is the recent study published in Scientific Reports. Research confirms a 25 percent increase in Israel emergency calls Linked to cardiac events at the age of 40. In this case, Cohen explains, stressing that phone calls are not a diagnosis. Indeed, “it appears that 59 percent of people who have contact have not been vaccinated.” It was the Ministry of Israel that sounded the alarm for the first time Any myocarditis: “Making it known so that everyone can consider it,” moreover, “the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis in Covid-19 patients increased during acute illness.”

This is why the vaccine is and is still vital. At least the three doses received so far, given that even Israel is moving slowly into the fourth dose. “It does not seem – as the expert concludes – to make much of a difference for younger children. The fourth dose is available to all those who wish to do so, but it is certainly recommended for people over 60 with comorbidities. I forgot that most Israelis have They were exposed to Omicron. Vaccination is useless If you have been ill recently.

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