León Larregui explota contra Bad Bunny, llama a su música “basura desechable”

Bad Bunny can be proud of being one of the most influential Latin artists in the music world, filling the most important stadiums, leading the charts, being the image of the most exclusive brands and sharing credits with important figures such as Brad Pitt; However, what he can’t gloat is that he’s one of the singer’s favorite people Leon LargeRecently, the Zoé singer criticized against raggeatonero via social networks.

Larijoy took advantage of his official Twitter account to express his hatred of “Bad Rabbit” music, after he transmitted a tweet from a Spanish media outlet confirming that 23 songs from the latest album of the translator “Safaa” were among the most reproduced worldwide.

Not only did Leon express himself about Benito and without any fear of revenge he described it “disposable trash” and “returning ignorance” urban artist.

Photo: Twitter

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The rocker’s tweet divided users’ opinions, as while some supported him and asserted that Bad Bunny’s songs could not be considered art, others demanded that he respect the work of other artists and accept that his time was running out.

“Why is genre so hard to respect? For you it might be rubbish but for someone it can make you feel better. Relax yourself,” “What happened to Lyon, so early and have you already lost the dolphin way? It’s Sunday, eat a good breakfast, or read a book.” well or try to age with dignity”, “You make art but express yourself poorly about another artist, many appreciate your songs and also Bad Bunny’s songs, but you are not, dear Fred and special through this post”, are just some of the comments that can be read.

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So far Benito has not responded to Zoe’s leader’s statements,

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