Pablo Montero se disculpa con el pueblo de México por cantar mal el Himno Nacional

Four days later the singer Pablo Monteiro Make mistakes when singing Mexican National AnthemDuring the first leg of the final soccer match between the two teams Santos Laguna s Blue cross; The singer used his Instagram account to make an apology.

Pablo Monteiro explains: “If there is something I respect in life, it is our roots and our history, an apology to my country. It invites us to act with courage, that is, it was written with the finger of God.” In his message that accompanies a video of the moment he made his mistake.

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Despite the fact that he responded to the controversy that followed since last Thursday, he was divided in opinions on social media, as some justified this and others did not forgive him for not knowing anything they had learned since elementary school, except that Monteiro got the support of two of his classmates. Victor Gonzales s Latin lover.

He wrote: “A compader who makes mistakes! I hug hard and see you soon.” Victor Manuel Resendez.

Even Jorge Muniz himself, who also mistook the anthem in 1989, supported it in a very strange way, because after regretting that embarrassing moment Monteiro had gone through, he assured that they had not removed it, and had not changed it, when do we remember errors of this kind all together.

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“I will not be able to talk about a partner, the donkey will talk about the ears and then no, you have to respect everyone and go ahead with their problems, and I am not happy to know that someone has mistakenly said that you see, it can happen to everyone, on the contrary, it hurts me Because I know the pain of shame through my mistakes, ”Cook Muñiz said when asked his opinion on the matter.

The Ministry of Interior On May 28, it announced that it would take measures to determine responsibility for those involved in the event in which Pablo Monteiro sang the national anthem, but it has yet to be announced whether or not they will fine him.



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