Thaddäus Meilinger's GZSZ Break Looks 'Private'

How is Thaddäus Meilinger (39) performing at the GZSZ break? A few days ago, it became known that viewers of the popular Early Evening series will soon have to do without the actor who embodies Felix Lehmann: in order to be able to devote themselves to new projects and spend more time with his family, they have to Squidward Take a break from the show. Now give a little update on how things are going since the last day he shot.

On Instagram The 39-year-old shared a photo of himself pushing a stroller. He revealed in the caption that he had absolutely nothing on his schedule for a few days. “This is a special feeling,” explained the father of two. There is usually always something to practice or read. “Now I’ll be traveling for a few days. And even if I can shoot again right away, I’ll only rest for a few days.”summed up.

if Squidward He’s back, he’s back at work. “I’m currently working on a prom program and a Christmas CD”, revealed in an interview with RTL. He also wants to help his youngest son get used to kindergarten soon.

Thaddäus Meilinger, representative of GZSZ

Instagram / thaddaeusmeilinger

Thaddäus Meilinger with his first son
Thaddäus Meilinger in December 2019
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