COP28: The UAE is under accusation of suspicious oil and gas agreements during the climate summit in Dubai

The documents call for a Colombian minister to be informed that ADNOC is “ready” to support Colombia in developing its fossil fuel resources.

There are talking points for 13 other countries, including Germany and Egypt, proposing to announce ADNOC’s desire to work with their governments to develop fossil fuel projects.

Brazil’s environment minister has been asked to help “ensure compatibility and approval” of ADNOC’s bid to buy Latin America’s largest oil and gas processing company, Braskem. Earlier this month, ADNOC made a $2.1bn (£1.7bn) offer to buy a major stake in the company. ADNOC would have told Germany: “We are ready to continue our supplies of liquefied natural gas.”

“There is no conflict between natural resource development and climate commitment.”

ADNOC has reportedly told oil-producing countries Saudi Arabia and Venezuela that “there is no conflict between the sustainable development of a country’s natural resources and its commitment to climate change.”

The BBC has seen an email exchange in which COP28 staff were told that talking points from ADNOC and Masdar (the company that develops renewable energy) “should always be included” in briefing notes. The COP28 team said it was “simply not correct” for staff to be informed of this.

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