The end of the Benoit Castle season

Benoit Castle Girondins de Bordeaux will no longer wear the jersey, and his last encounter – not the most respectable – would have taken place against SCO d’Angers, who would have been 40 meters away from his target after five minutes of play and cost us a goal.

Bordeaux goalkeeper, and former captain of the club, revealed South West After David Gion’s press conference this afternoon, the injury will occur (in the calf, probably). RMCThrough its journalist Nicolas Paolorsi, Aquitaine confirmed the information from the newspaper. Season end for Benoit Castle, injury. He will be wearing the last jersey Gerontins In anger. No matter what people say, it’s a sad decision for a player who always looks in the face of the press when his team is wandering or when he is in a less decisive position.

The absence of this in the last game of the season, along with the much-maligned Matmot Atlantic Stadium, raises a number of questions. Except, Florian Brunett He did not fail to tease when the news leaked to fans in the afternoon.

What about his replacement? Cayton Poussin Who hosted the tennis tournament at Barb Ground last Friday? Davy Ruiard, Was the RMC accused of stealing to resell items in a professional locker room? This is a beautiful summary of what these players are doing for our club due to their lack of seriousness and professionalism.

Other than this absence, M’Baye NiangOne of the four players involved in Futsal last Monday will be uncertain, according to Sud Ouest.


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