Incognito Boss: Changed CEO and the worst,

This Monday, May 24, 2021, Host Incognito Is back on the M6. From 9:05 pm, that is Nicolas de Bronak, Founder of Sequoia, an environmental dry cleaning company, Which gives itself to the game. The 37-year-old boss is going to pretend to be someone else and sink into his company. To do this, Nicolas de Bronak is spoken of harshly. Also, as he says from our colleagues Leisure TV, This physical change is not so pleasant …

False belly, beard, dyed hair … Nicolas de Bronak is another man Host Incognito. This Sequoia general manager, like the other participants in the show before him, went under the hands of a make-up artist and was created by the production to prevent his staff from recognizing him. “The first duty when you participate in this experience is to do whatever happens Take your ego and put it in your pocket“, He laughs.

To be continued: “They didn’t miss me! It was human and physically painful as they were trapped in a miscarriage that weighed almost 10kg. ! I had to deal with it all day. It’s a craft, you stand, so with the extraordinary excess weight, it’s even more complicated.

Nicolas de Bronak and his new look: “I’m totally ridiculous!”

Some employers, concerned about their image, impose production guidelines based on the product. This is not the case with Nicolas de Bronak, who gave the M6 ​​teams a Carde Blanche in this regard. “I thought the product was a great experience. I am the 37th to participate in the show. I trusted them 100%“, He says.

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The result snatched him away! “He looked at my face and said, ‘What horror is this ?!’ (Laughs). I was completely ridiculous ! My specialty is my voice, I have a specific voice, He recalled. We tried to use a little accent, but it was ridiculous and after all it didn’t last long.

A promising chapter!


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