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After all, this was to be expected, following the urgent boycott rumors in the lessons above Dostoevsky, after his resignation and expulsion from theaters and opera companies, in short, to the West towards everything that comes from Russian culture, now they no longer want to know. Since when Italia defined “enemy state” Forms of cooperation between museums and institutions that request and obtain loans in the name of the free circulation of artistic work. Or at least until yesterday, until they got to the management tables royal palace Based on Italy showrooms, The jewel of Intesa San Paolo, the spaces that are always filled with the public in Milan, with letters Russian Ministry with request return By the end of the current month of paintings borrowed fromHermitage to Saint Peterborgo, The Pushkin and the Moscow State Russian Museum.

grand tour – Relative damage to the grand tour of Piazza Scala, which will conclude on March 27, a very beautiful and very successful exhibition, whose works have been selected Giulio Carlini, Tolstoy family in Venice, owned by Ermitage, along with about twenty loans from Russia. Journey Now is certainly unlikely by Anna Karenina. The situation in the Royal Palace, where it was opened only two weeks ago, is much more serious Titian and the image of women in the sixteenth century Venetian which also includes Young woman with a feathered hat It is considered an exceptional value plate. In short, giving it up would be a shame. Away from the news, it remains to understand the meaning of the gesture in its proper perspective.

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There are rumors that their culture ministers are talking to each other to try to find a different solution, but in reality unlikely agreementGiven the current scenario. Wanting to look to the future, many questions gather: What will happen to the projects that museum directors and curators for international exhibitions have been developing? You will find a way to build a file Cultural Corridor To allow Russia’s exceptional heritage and creativity in the contemporary world not to be excluded from comparison, or will culture itself be frozen and sacrificed on the altar of politics and who governs it?

Mariupol, three people were found dead under the rubble of the hospital that was bombed

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Discrimination – Obviously, the answers are not simple. There are opinions, however respectable, that many argue in the same direction, as some argue. I am not among those who have made the genetic mutation from virologist to expert in military tactics in a few days, but I am disturbed by any cultural discrimination based on the racial factor. The Russian is equally guilty, not only. Let us rather remember that in 1977 the Venice Biennale was hosted by the Socialists, and against the angry leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, the opposition Soviet artists. At least we liberals must learn to discern, or else why should we be surprised to encounter these hours, even if we cannot carefully preserve the works of others, which are now safe here. Here, he tried to persuade the government officials of Putin’s regime in this way: we will keep them, at least they will not risk anger and destruction. Once you stop, we’ll get them back to you right away.

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