What happens while taking a selfie

This bison specimen doesn’t want to be disturbed at all: Here’s what happened while taking a selfie with a group of tourists

A group of tourists petting a bison (YouTube) – ecoo.it

Not all animals are friendly and willing to get to know other species (especially humans). On the contrary, some genera are known for their well-known hostility towards other organisms. What is certain is that if it ends up being our behavior Disturb animals in their environmentthe reactions that we should expect to receive are the most diverse and unpredictable.

This is exactly what happened to an unidentified group of tourists who they found themselves in close contact with A sample of a bisonThey tried to approach him with the intention of taking Personal Photos with animal. A plan went up in smoke in less than time, owing to the reply – more than expected – of the enormous beast, who had not the slightest desire to give way to the curtain.

A group of tourists trying to take a selfie with a bison: what happened

Bison present themselves as strong and powerful animals, which we had for you List all features Only a short time ago. Without a doubt, as with the vast majority of species, these enormous organisms also hate disturbance within their habitat. Do Not Disturb Warning a An animal that does not tend to get along With strangers, which no tourist ever notices.

The bison doesn’t want to take a selfie (YouTube) – ecoo.it

The group, having come close to the majestic animal, tries to feel the water to understand whether or not the bison intend to shoot. a woman For the group, in particular, he approaches the mega-sample with plenty of A hand reaches out to hug him. All of course in the belief that the bison would respond positively to this contact.

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What happens within a few seconds – which the video documents so well – is a reaction the group certainly should have expected. The animal, not at all willing to give way to the curtain, thinks it good to drive away the curious with a stretch A sudden and decisive gesture. The terrified woman who was about to caress him didn’t hesitate long before running away!

The bison doesn’t want to take a selfie: the video that drives the tourist away

with Decisive gesture from the boss – His goal was not to attack, but to frighten the woman who stood in front of him – the bison immediately made his intentions clear. The animal, far from being inclined to pet itself or fit for a group photo, didn’t take much to dislodge the tourist and the remaining members of the group. On the other hand, his huge horns would make anyone run away.


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