Australian Open 2022: This is how you see the start on live and TV
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The 2022 Australian Open begins on January 17th. We will tell you how you can follow the tournament on live stream and TV.

This is how you see the 2022 Australian Open on TV and Live. (Source: Australian Open / netzwelt montage)

  1. Australian Open 2022 on Eurosport im Free-TV

  2. This is how you receive Eurosport 1 live
  3. Watch the replay via Eurosport 1 media library
  4. All games live on Joyn +

  5. Australian Open on ServusTV

The first major tournament of the year begins with the Australian Open. From January 17, the best tennis players in the world will compete in Melbourne and you can follow the tournament on TV or live – for example via Eurosport.

Australian Open 2022 on Eurosport im Free-TV

The channel shows more than 230 hours of the tournament live on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2. However, the live broadcast occurs due to the time difference. From 1 am instead of. Also note: while Eurosport 1 can be received on TV for free, a fee is often charged for live broadcasts. You generally have to pay to receive Eurosport 2.

This is how you receive Eurosport 1 live

The easiest way to receive Eurosport 1 live is to subscribe to one of the following IPTV services. So you not only have the entire stream, but also watch it legally. We advise against illegal or dodgy offers. On the one hand, you may be subject to prosecution, and on the other hand, viruses or malware are often distributed on such streaming portals.


NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More information.

In our guide “TV Online” we give you a comprehensive overview of the best legal online TV service providers in Germany. There you can also see how individual services performed in our test, what packages are free and who broadcasts channels.

Watch Eurosport 1 live stream online in your browser

All legal Eurosport 1 live streams can be found here on this page. Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to register or pay for broadcasts.

Since all the streams run directly in the browser, you can start streaming on a laptop and connect it to your TV. With the right resolution and bandwidth, you get a complete picture on your TV. Alternatively, you can also make your TV “smart” and then start streaming directly to the TV via the built-in browser.

All games live on Joyn +

You can get Eurosport 1 and 2 in HD via the Joyn+ streaming service, and you can also stream all the other stadiums and therefore all the games from Melbourne Park without interruption on additional channels.

in a Gwen Free 30-day Joyn+ test*


If you are not yet a subscriber, you can test Joyn Plus for free for a month. The streaming service then costs 6.99 euros per month.

Australian Open on ServusTV

In Austria, broadcaster ServusTV broadcasts selected matches from the Australian Open. It will also be broadcast online as a free live stream. This is protected in this country with the country block.

You can theoretically access Servus TV’s live stream via a VPN, but you’re legally in a gray area.

Featured videos and press conferences with players are free The official YouTube channel of the Australian Open.


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Beware of these flowing portals!

Beware of these flowing portals!

It is advised not to broadcast unofficially, because even if it did indeed show the Australian Open, it could be an illegal transmission punishable by law.

” advice: Best VPN Providers for More Security and Privacy

Live broadcast for entertainment

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