Pokémon GO : Événement bienvenue à Alola

with arrival Alola seasonAnd the Niantic Announcing the arrival of an event titled Welcome to Alola Allowing to meet the first seventh generation Pokémon in the game, with beginners as well as some Pokémon at the beginning of the main game paths.

event details

the event Welcome to Alola From Tuesday March 1, 2022 at 10 am to Wednesday March 9th at 8pmlocal time.

increased appearances

As with every event, some Pokemon will appear more frequently natureat eggat raids And much more!

in nature

In the wild, you may come across the next Pokemon!

New colors

For the lucky ones among you who will have the chance to get it Mangleton as Rocabot under it color shapeBy upgrading it, you can have it argost Plus 3 forms of Logarock (Day, night and twilight) under their color shape also.

in raids

at raidsyou will be able to find Pokemon related to the event.

Raid battles

One Star Raids
3 star raids
5 star raids
pokemon tokuriko
Huge raids
pokemon mega flowererAvailable in glossy color

customized study

A new one-time study will be available for the duration of the event, here are the details below.

field studies

Some field studies It will allow you to have encounters with some Pokemon like Picasso and Mangleton (Maybe my color)!

Mission Award
Catch 7 Pokemon Poké Ball x 7

field studies

collection challenge

By capturing the event’s featured Pokemon, you’ll be able to get away 15 Hyper BowlAnd the 7000 pixels !

That’s all for now, Stay connected in Bokicalos for more information ! Feel free to refer to our profile Pokemon GOor our page that lists all current and upcoming events on Pokemon GO !

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