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America’s Cup

June 13 17:57

The Peruvian delegation arrived on Sunday in Goiania, Brazil, home of their first Group B match at the 2021 Copa America, which will take place on Monday from 8:00 pm against Bolivia.

Hello, Paraguay! The Alberuga national team has already arrived in Goiania, Brazil, to play the CONMEBOL Copa America.”It can be read in the official account of the tournament.

Argentine coach, Eduardo Perizzo, led 28 players to face the oldest national team tournament in the world. He had to choose to remove Juan Espinola (goalkeeper), Alexis Duarte (defender), Juan Escobar (defender) and Hugo Martinez (midfielder) from the list, considering the last set of South American qualifiers.

After the first show before Verde, the Paraguayan delegation will return to Asuncion to prepare the “computer” in Alberuga, in Japan, taking advantage of permission granted by CONMEBOL because Paraguay has freedom of the second date.


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America’s Cup

June 13 16:54

The red-haired midfielder, Angel Cardozo Lucena, has surprised Lucena with a touching post that recalls his beginnings with Gustavo Gomez’s ‘duo’. They arrived at the same time from Mision to Asuncion, to sign with Libertad, and now they defend the Paraguayan shirt together.

“Pika” posted on her social networks some pictures that reflect the football growth the two have achieved since they started this adventure in the King of Sports at the July 31 Club in San Ignacio Misiones. In their youth they were already scattering talents; Lucina with No. 8 and Gomez with No. 9. Yes, in a completely different role than he is now.

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In the next photo you can see the two in a Libertad jersey, the club with which they both conquered the 2014 summit. In 2011, they had just arrived in the country’s capital to sign ‘Repollero’, but the steering wheel was set for Rubio Ñu and a bit of a coincidence with the ‘duo’. which appeared in Tuyucuá and quickly sold out.

At present, we find that the missionaries are the bearers of Paraguay’s absolute selection led by Eduardo Perizzo.

In the lower Perugia they actually fought inch by inch for Paraguay. They were second in the South American Sub20 Argentina 2013. In the same year, they reached the second round of the World Cup in the category held in Turkey.

Angel Cardoso Lucena, who is currently at Cerro Porteno, is 26 years old. While “Espartano” captain of the Brazilian team Palmeiras is 28 years old.


Paraguay kicks off this Monday at 20:00 in Goriania in the Copa America, against dwindling Bolivia. Eduardo Berizzo shakes up the team and announces new names, with a 4-3-3 scheme.

The Argentine coach who runs the Perugia announces changes in all lines and gives a respite to heavily questioned men like Gaston Jimenez, among others.

The big news will be the entry of Robert Perez da Motta and Alejandro Romero Gamara into the midfield, the latter as an inside player and the presence as a starter for Gabriel Avalos, who aims to be a “9” against Green.

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eleven potential picks for Paraguay will be with Anthony Silva; Alberto Espinola, Gustavo Gomez, Junior Alonso and Santiago Azamendia; Matias Villasanti, Robert Perez da Motta and Alejandro Romero Gamara; Angel Romero, Gabriel Avalos and Miguel Almiron.



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