See today, Sporting Crystal vs.  Catholic University LIVE: Follow live broadcast schedules and TV channels Watch LIVE Copa Libertadores ESPN STAR +

Sporting will face Universidad Católica de Chile on Tuesday in the second day of Group H of the Copa Libertadores. Rimense is looking for its first point in the continental championship.

On the first day of the Libertadores, the team led by Roberto Mosquera lost 2-0 to Flamengo at home. Visiting now will try to “steal” the points. And that we didn’t mention that in the domestic championship, Sporting Cristal also suffered a setback against Cesar Vallejo.

Like Sporting Cristal, Universidad Católica did not perform well in its debut in the Copa Libertadores. Cruzados lost 1-0 to Talleres de Córdoba.

U Católica vs Sporting Cristal: Lineup for today’s match by Libertadores

catholic yo. Sebastian Pérez Alfonso Barrot, Nihuen Paz, Branco Ampuero, Jose Pedro Fuenzalida; Juan Leyva, Felipe Gutierrez, Marcelino Nunez; Diego Valencia, Gonzalo Tapia, Fernando Zampedre.

Sporting Crystal: Alexandre Duarte, Johan Madrid, Gianfranco Chavez, Omar Merlo, Nelson Loyola; Horacio Clatera, Jesus Castillo, Christopher Gonzalez; Irvine Avila, Leandro Sosa, Percy Lisa.

Sporting Crystal vs. Catholic University: Transmission minute by minute

Sporting Cristal vs Universidad Católica: schedules in the world

Peru: 5:15 pm

Chile: 6:15 pm

Colombia: 5:15 pm

Ecuador: 5:15 pm

Bolivia: 6:15 pm

Argentina: 7:15 pm

Uruguay: 7:15 pm

Mexico: 5:15 p.m.

Spain: 12:15 am (04/13)

United States (Los Angeles): 3:15 p.m.

United States (New York): 6:15 p.m.

When and at what time does Sporting Cristal play against Universidad Católica?

Sporting Cristal meet Universidad Católica in a lively duel on Tuesday, April 12th. The competition between the two teams has been agreed at 5:15 pm (Peruvian time) and will take place at the San Carlos de Abukindo Stadium.

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Where and how to watch the Sporting Cristal vs Universidad Cattolica match?

The match will be broadcast live on ESPN and Star+ in South America. Do not miss any details on the website

Sporting Crystal vs. The Catholic University: Possible lineups

Sporting Crystal: Alexandre Duarte, Johan Madrid, Gianfranco Chavez, Omar Merlo, Nelson Loyola; Jesus Castillo, Horacio Calcatera, Yoshimar Jotun; Christopher Gonzalez, Irvin Avila and Percy Lisa.

Catholic University:Sebastian Pérez Jose Pedro Fuenzalida, Branco Ampuero, Nhuen Paz and Alfonso Barrot; Marcelino Nunez, Felipe Gutierrez and Juan Leiva; Gonzalo Tapia, Fernando Zampedri and Lucas Milano.

Universidad Católica vs Sporting Cristal: The numbers before the match

Sporting Crystal vs. Catholic University: Where to watch Cuba Libertadores on TV?

Peru: ESPN and STAR +

Chile: FOX Sports 1 y STAR +

Argentina: FOX Sports 2 y STAR +

Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela: ESPN 2 and STAR +

Paraguay, Uruguay: ESPN and STAR +

United State: be in sports

Mexico: Claro Sports


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