The left, including the left, falls in love with her again. In words condemns the imposition a barrier It is Islamic, but in fact it is unable to distance itself from what many women are subjected to as actual abuse. There is not only the case of the uprisings in Iran or the Taliban in Afghanistan. There are also many women in European cities who are beaten, isolated or disappeared, as happened to Samman Abbas, simply because they wanted to wear Western dress. That is why, ten days ago, a member of the European Parliament in the European Parliament, François-Xavier Bellamy, called for an amendment to be included in the joint resolution on Iran to impose a ban on the financing of campaigns promoting the hijab.

The proposal was rejected, even with the votes of the Democratic Party and the Green Party. The same scenario was presented today in Strasbourg. Bellamy along with other popular representatives, including blue Isabella Adenolfi, re-introduced a Modify Similar in the report on the EU budget for 2023. The text expressed “deep concern that the Commission has recently funded or co-financed campaigns to promote the headscarf, stating, for example, that ‘freedom in the headscarf’ and stressed that the ‘union budget It should not fund any future campaign that would promote the hijab and indirectly reduce the commitment to hijab.” But the change has only partially passed.

Criticism approved, but budget ban money Of European citizens to promote the Islamic headscarf not. The Socialists, Democrats, Left and Greens did not contradict themselves and voted against them on both occasions. Democrats did the same, with the exception of Alessandra Moretti, regarding the part about the interest in Ads from the past. On the other hand, grillini abstained.

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“Incredibly, left-majority groups voted against these two rationale proposals. While Iranian women are being murdered and protesting the demand for the Islamic headscarf, Europe is backing down and continuing to support a model that angers women’s freedom.”Commenting on the MEPs at the University, Silvia Sardoni. “How brave are European institutions in expressing their closeness to the women who fight for their rights and then continue to fund initiatives that support the Islamic veil as a tool of integration in our continent”asks MEP, calling for greater “cohesion” on the part of EU institutions. He concludes that the Islamic veil is not synonymous with freedom but a shameful instrument of submission. The European Parliament should not succumb to the will of Muslim communities..

“The left uses human rights as a propaganda tool that is used in one way or another depending on electoral convenience. And so we see them waving to the freedom of Iranian women to rebel against the imposition of the Islamic veil over the seduction of “progressive voters, except for waving for a second later in defense of the use of the same veil to seduce Muslim voters,” is a comment Vincenzo Sovo, Fdi-Ecr MEP, who had already denounced the same ambiguity at the beginning of October during the vote on the Iran Joint Resolution. “They show a troublesome double-face because, in the face of this subtle double-dealing – attacking – they carefully avoid making European citizens understand what their real position is.”


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