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The desire for the sea, heat and clear water is always very strong for many of us. This is not surprising, because the sun brings the world to life, and because it is easy to find peace of mind in places that have these characteristics. One of the most popular destinations for those searching for what was just mentioned is Thailand, which hides many natural treasures like its wonderful country Railay Beach.

Railay Beach, useful information

Let's start this trip with a necessary introduction: this corner of Thailand is called Railay Beach – O Why? – As if to make us believe that it is a unique beach. In fact, that's not quite the case: it's a group of beaches that develop on a small (but gorgeous) peninsula called Railay, which includes… West Railay, East Railay, Phra Nang Beach and Ton Sai.

We are in southern Thailand, a true tropical paradise where you soar in the sky Sheer cliffs The limestone surrounding beaches are a daydream. To be precise, Railay is located in Krabi Province, which is part of Mueang Krabi District.

When the visitor arrives he falls in love with the beauty of the area, so perfect that it seems almost impossible for nature to do everything herself. Then there are the bright colors that alternate with white tones which, combined with sunlight, create contrasts that are difficult to forget.

No, you can't get there by car because the Railay Peninsula is there It can only be reached by boat Because of the high cliffs that cut off access to the continent. However, once you arrive, you can also move on foot, thanks to the “alleys” that cross the nature and lead to the different sides of the magnificent peninsula kissed by the warm Andaman Sea and surrounded by green jungle and majestic rocks. Fortunately, there are many tours departing (which also include full-day trips) from various locations around the country.

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Railay beaches

Even in this case we must make a sincere promise: le Railay beaches At some times of the year, it is particularly clear and bathed in crystal clear waters, tending toward the green color, to the point that it is possible to observe the seabed. However, days when the seas are cloudy cannot be ruled out, due to the many boats that bring tourists to discover this Thai region and the weather conditions.

Riley West, totally comfortable

If you come from Ao Nang you dock by boat Riley WestIt is a very wide beach and has particularly white and fine sand. There is no shortage of majestic limestone cliffs that make the landscape surreal, and many services able to enhance visitors' stay: there are hotels, bars and restaurants.

In essence, if you want to stop for a few days in these parts, you've come to the most ideal area on the peninsula to do so. This does not mean that it is not possible to relax, sunbathe and swim in the context of truly valuable landscapes.

Riley Pure Nature Foundation

Riley East It is almost completely different from Railay West: here relaxation is almost impossible because nature is in its purest state. This area of ​​the peninsula is actually characterized by muddy mangroves surrounded by a narrow concrete path.

There is no shortage of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops, but the absence of sand certainly does not allow you to enjoy a classic day of sunbathing. However, the distance from here to other places in the Gulf with beaches where you can spread out your beach towel is minimal.

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Phra Nang Beach, a real sight

probably Phra Nang Beach It is the most beautiful view for those arriving in Railay and looking for the sea: although it is a small beach, it offers a special panorama because a huge limestone rock stands proud in the middle of its clear sea.

Moreover, it is found in these parts as well Phra Nang Cave It is very famous because it contains hundreds of wooden artefacts brought here by fishermen, and also because it allows you to swim in the shadow of the extraordinary karst cliffs and then relax on a crescent of soft white sand.

Unlike other areas in Railay, there are no exclusive shops, bars or restaurants, just a large resort.

What to do in Railay

It would be a shame to arrive in Railay and just swim in its warm sea, because this area is well suited for many different activities: rock climbing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking, rafting and much more.

Thanks to its magnificent slopes that attract climbers from all over the world who come here to discover the other designated area of ​​the peninsula, Ton saiIn a more rustic style where adventurers challenge themselves on its famous karst rocks.

Suffice it to say that there is more to these parts 150 via via ferrata, With many outcrops and smooth rock faces.

How to get there and what to know

As mentioned above, the magnificent Railay Peninsula is only accessible by boat. From Krabi it takes about 90 minutes, while from Ao Nang only 15 minutes. All points of interest in the area can be reached on foot, but it is highly recommended to come to these parts between April and November, because even though temperatures remain high and constant throughout the year, rainfall is very common during the other months.

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At its core, Railay is an area particularly beloved and frequented by travellers, to the point of risking losing a little of its authenticity. But the truth is that you only have to wait for the groups of tourists to leave to discover the authentic beauty, as both travelers looking for relaxation and those who want to experience a bit of pure adventure can find something that suits their needs.


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