An earthquake in New York and skyscrapers in Manhattan sway.  The Big Apple discovers fear

New York – Lots of fear but no damage from the 4.8 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter in New Jersey, which at 10.23am yesterday (4.23pm in Italy), also caused the buildings of the Big Apple to shake for 30 seconds. It was felt by at least 42 million people according to the USGS along the entire East Coast, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Boston, Massachusetts. Above all, it was the skyscrapers that fluctuated, the tall, slender skyscrapers that have redefined the Manhattan skyline in recent years, historic ones like the Empire State Building, whose first-person message immediately appeared on his X account: “I'm fine.” Moments. Confusion also occurred at the United Nations during the Security Council session Written by Save the Children President Janti Soeripto who reported on Gaza. Work stopped for a short period, and when it resumed, Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour joked: “You are even making the earth shake.”

The tremor was felt clearly in all five boroughs of the city: “I was showing some clients an apartment on the fifth floor of a building located on 55th Street in Manhattan when the floor began to shake, as happens in some homes when the subway passes. It took me a moment to realize, “There's no line here.” “I was quick to explain to the buyers that it was an unusual event and that the building was completely stable,” Lavinia Giuliani Ricci, one of Brown Harris Stevens’ most respected realtors, tells us matter-of-factly. Instead, scenes of panic in Lebanon, a town in New Jersey Near the epicenter of the earthquake, which occurred 5 kilometers underground. Here hairdresser clients ran into the street with their hair wet and patchy: “We thought a truck had crashed into the building,” hairdresser owner Rosanne Drechsel told USA Today, adding that after 15 One minute they resumed work.

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“From the bowels of the earth came a roaring sound like a heavy truck crossing the road. “The bottles started shaking,” a Brooklyn butcher vented his anger at Upper West Side, describing how the usual cacophony of traffic became louder at quake moments, when many instinctively honked their horns. Some jokers launched a sarcastic hashtag: #Isurvived2024quake I survived2024quake, with funny photos of spilled coffee cups.

However, the city's reaction to the event was with usual seraphism. Immediately implement the advice of Mayor Eric Adams who suggested: “Continue as if it were a normal day.” Stressing that neither the police nor the fire brigade were alerted to any specific problems, schools will remain open and the metro will continue to operate. State Governor Kathy Hochul warned, “There is always the possibility of aftershocks.” He stressed that he asked the technicians to “examine the infrastructure most at risk.” The Holland Tunnel, which connects New York to New Jersey, remained closed for some time to ensure that there were no cracks. Even Newark and JFK airports stopped flights for an hour to ensure there were no leaks on the runways.

President Joe Biden has also been updated and has contacted the Governor of New Jersey to offer possible assistance. Controversy over delayed “Amber Alert”, messages warning residents, which arrived on mobile phones 40 minutes later. It was certainly a rare event in this part of America but not unique: in 1884, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake occurred with its epicenter at Coney Island, New York's shore.K. In 2011, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake led to the evacuation of buildings In Manhattan. However, the risk is low: earthquakes of magnitude 5 occur here on average every 100 years. ©

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