Tesla hará un robot humanoide para ayudar a los conductores en "tareas peligrosas y repetitivas" (VIDEO)


20 before 2021 09:23 GMT

The Tesla Bot prototype, announced during the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day, will be unveiled next year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Thursday that the company plans next year to release a humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot that will run on the same artificial intelligence (AI) that its electric cars use.

The unexpected revelation happened at the end an offer Tesla AI Day, where Musk gives some details about the Tesla Bot backed up by some PowerPoint slides. The robot is about 173 centimeters long, weighs 57 kilograms, and will be made of “lightweight materials.”

Its head will be equipped with the autopilot cameras that the company’s cars use to detect the environment and will have a screen to display information. Internally, you will be working from a Tesla computer for fully autonomous driving (FSD).

“You’re supposed to be friendly, navigating through a world built for humans,” Musk joked.

The human-like robot will “eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks” that will have “profound effects on the economy,” as detailed in one of the presentation slides. In this regard, Kotb gave an example, suggesting that a robot could be told to “go to the store and buy the next foods”.

During a question-and-answer session after the presentation, Musk, who tends to make bold statements about the future, noted that “we should be concerned about AI.” But he stressed that they at Tesla are trying to create “a useful artificial intelligence that people love and that is unequivocally good.”

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A working version of the robot did not appear during Musk’s presentation, although there was a slightly strange dance by an artist dressed as a Tesla Bot.

It is not surprising that netizens react to this rather strange spectacle with memes and teasers.

Some Twitter users have already figured out how they will teach their Tesla Bots dance steps.


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