“If he attacks, the penalties have never been seen before.”

Atmosphere Biden returns to warn Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, following a video conference held by the two leaders. The US president warned the Russian president that if Ukraine came under attack, “unprecedented sanctions” would be applied. “The meeting with Putin was very direct — referring to a video conference yesterday with the Russian president —,” Biden said. I clearly told him that if he invaded Russia, there would be dire consequences and economic consequences that we had never seen before. I have made it clear that we will give Ukraine defensive capabilities.”

“Wiah and access I’m pretty sure Putin got the message“He knows, his immediate response is that he understood – the US president argued again -,” Biden said. And I told him I knew he would answer, but then perhaps we should also strengthen our presence in NATO countries to reassure those on the Eastern Front in particular.”

However, the option of sending US troops to Ukraine in the event of a Russian attack “is not on the table.”The US President explained. “We have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to our NATO allies, if one of them comes under attack, according to Article 5 — Biden said — it is a sacred obligation, not beyond NATO, I mean ‘Ukraine.’ But it also depends on what other NATO countries want to do,” Biden said. But the idea that the United States would use force unilaterally to confront Russia if it invaded Ukraine is not on the table, it is not an option now. There will be dire consequences.”

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“It would be criminal inaction on our part, watching everything that happens without a backbone,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference in Sochi after meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, referring to the possibility of this happening in Ukraine. joining NATO. Vladimir Putin described the question of those who asked him about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “provocation”.. The Russian president said that Moscow would only act for defensive purposes. “Of course, we are concerned about Ukraine’s possible membership in NATO, as this will lead to the establishment of military bases and forces on Ukrainian territory,” Putin said.

Russia has a peaceful foreign policy, but it has the right to defend its own securityThen Putin, noting that NATO’s eastward expansion is a “very sensitive” issue for Russia, then claimed, “It is one of the key issues for maintaining Russian security.”


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