Siham at Murdoch and Alomar joking at Biden’s big press party –

I believe in the First Amendment to the Constitution. And it’s not just because my good friend James Madison wrote it.” Joe Biden jokes about ageHis biggest problem is with voters, identifying himself as a contemporary of one of the Founding Fathers, at the “White House Correspondents’ Dinner”, the night of the year when the President of the United States must reveal his qualities as a comedian.

Two thousand six hundred people were locked in an underground room for four hours Windowless Washington Hilton (the hotel where Reagan was filmed): It’s D.C.’s most sought-after ticket of the year, Big dance of «nerdsAnd to return completely to the tradition born in 1921 that Trump interrupted and weakened by Covid: last year everyone had it for dinner; Biden felt it was best to skip it and just show up for the speech. However, this year we were asked to send a DIY test negative photo but no one is verifying that it is indeed from the same day.

There are some White House Correspondents, but above all they are A.J Variety of politicians and celebrities (Secretary of State Blinken, Senate Leader Schumer, Senator Fetterman, Fauci, Ex-Trump Manager Kellyanne Conway, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Oscar Ke Hui Quan) Celebrity TV Journalists and Publishers Called Friends of Advertisers and Lenders: The Only Italian We’ve Met He is president La Presse Marco Durante with his wife, Teresa.

Like the Indian wedding, the dinner is surrounded by festivities for days. With the shocking dismissal of TV star Tucker Carlson (Fox) and without lemon (CNN) and an $800 million settlement Fox With Dominion, Biden hasn’t lacked material, nor has a professional comedian who speaks after the president. Climb the podium, Roy Wood Jr. He lifted some papers: «Mr. President, you left your confidential documents here».

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Wood pointed out that “in France there are those who object to raising the retirement age to 64, while we have an eight-year-old who begs us to allow him to work for another four.” He defended Kamala Harris: “What is Kamala doing? No one ever asked what a vice president did before she became a woman». still: “Fox Dominion was accused of conspiring with the Democrats to win the election. Democrats should be flattered that anyone who thinks they are smart enough to do the fraud.”Biden has been targeting Republicans as a potential challenger in 2024 Ron DeSantis And the congresswoman who booed him in her State of the Union address: “If you’re confused or confused, you’re probably drunk. Or are you Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

we come across Julie Rodriguez Chavez, the new Biden campaign manager who revealed to us that when it’s over, she’ll retire with her partner in Salvador de Bahia. The most desirable selfie is with Jerry Succession, the sixty-year-old counselor to Logan Roy in the series “based on” Murdoch’s Empire: she’s a symbol for the girls in Washington who must navigate a brutal male ego to succeed. The $375 tickets (total: nearly a million) go toward scholarships in journalism (awarded to many women).

It is a period of uncertainty for the media: many have lost their jobs Buzz feedAnd noAnd Washington PostAnd cbsAnd CNNAnd Vice. Maureen Dowd on The New York Times He writes “Requiem for the Editorial Board,” a place for gossip and unexpected personalities that has been replaced by the remote work unit. There is also a certain frustration that Biden is a president who is so reluctant at press conferences and interviews (he jokes about it: “I’ll talk for 10 minutes, no questions asked”).

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Unlike other years, the tone is sometimes serious: They remember a reporter Wall Street Journal Ivan Gershkovich is in prison in Russia, Austin Tice is a hostage in Syria, and the basketball player is present Brittney GrinerHe was released after 10 months in prison. When Biden said Tice had been 11 years old, Gershkovitch’s parents were upset.


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