Three people were killed when they were hit by a train

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This Tuesday, October 12, a train coming from Hyundai on the Spanish border collided with a small group on the track. Three of them died, including two from Algeria. Another is in critical condition.

They were lying on the tracks near the Saint-Jean-de-Luz train station in southwestern France. A TER hit them this morning. There were four of them, including two of Algerian nationality. One of them was taken to hospital with serious injuries to the lower limbs and abdomen. Its key prognosis is involved.

The exact circumstances are not yet fully known. But the proximity of Spain suggests that these people may have been immigrants. In fact, Spanish territory is one of the main gateways for immigrants to Europe, and the Basque Country, an important crossing point.

The mayor of France Blue, Eneko Altana-Dutt, Siborin, a small town of about 6,500 people where the tragedy took place, tried to understand what had happened.

In and around Sipur, we know that we are on the south-north axis, the axis through which immigrants cross. We know the passage exists. We also know that due to police pressure, immigrants are trying to get out of the main axes.

Eneko Altana-Dutt, Mayor of Sipur

One of the victims is already known to police , He clarified.

A baker from Sipore, whose business is located near the TER line, confirms that the surroundings are a traffic zone: ” It is customary to see immigrants on the railroad tracks. They all say the same thing. They look for the nearest station to exit. A young man between the ages of 16 and 17 wanted to join Toulouse because he had a brother there. It was in the middle of Ramadan. He did not eat for three days and he never drank. They took him down the aisle and gave him food and drink. I approached the associations to find out where to take him. The only place is the Bayon Settlement Center. So I took him there. Then he called me. He found his brother well .

Immigration security associations have been warning authorities about this for some time. Last August, a young man drowned in Pitasova while trying to cross the border between Spain and France.

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The investigation is ongoing.


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