André Silva bejubelt seinen Treffer zum 1:0. Das Tor war der Brustlöser für RB.

Leipzig. They did not shoot for long, scoring 1-0 with Andre Silva in the 40th minute to make it 2-0 and 3-0 (48/57 Christopher Nkungu). They played frantically, beating Emil Forsberg 4-0 (64th) after a penalty. Dominico Tedesco’s men’s reward in front of 37,029 enthusiastic fans: Return to fourth place! Yes, impressive trio showing the desire to ensure you and the best class. Another point and the Premier Class was reached in the final at Bilefield (Saturday, 3.30pm). You can do without. If Freiburg did not win in Leverkusen.


Before the final game of the 33rd day, the starting position turned in favor of the bowlers. As the Union scored three points in Freiburg it was clear: if RB had scored four or more points in games in Oxburg and Peelfeld, Fifth Champions League participation would have flourished after six first division seasons. FC Oxburg, on the other hand, are defended before kick-off and do not need a point to remain consistent. Tedesco with four changes from 1: 3 in Glasgow. Marcel Halstenberg, Nordi Mukiele, Emil Forsberg and André Silva enjoy kick-offs on the pitch.

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Very consistent result: RB Leipzig did not give the unlisted Augsburgers a chance to win 4-0.


Peter Kulasi should save after 16 seconds. After a corner kick, Daniel Caliguri scored on the side net. Hello, Awake, RB? Silva spun 1-0. Stay away, that way is better. RB has to score, the FCA wants to get rid of the ice and spit in the hosts soup. Added to this is the younger Kink in the Leipzig Entourage. This unequal distribution of loads can be seen in the game early on. The guest stands and moves diligently, RB initially looking for solutions without being willing to take the risk. The audience’s fuse has narrowed, and muttering after each failed pass is of little help. RB ace Nkunku was fouled several times. Oxburg motto: Who wants to return, who does not?

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Restart immediately 2: 0. Mukley, who shows his best play in the RP jersey, plays one-two with Forceberg, runs fast towards the goal, can shoot, but fits right in the middle, where Nkunku (48th). Now the premier class is closer, the situation at the booth accordingly. RB was inspired and added the most impressive goal of the season so far. Kulasi plays with the Force of the Sun in his heart, trusting in God and allowing him to pierce the Limer that goes in Mughal’s path. The Frenchman walks out like Schmidt’s cat and puts Nkunku back in position. The best player of the Bundesliga season, keeper Rafael Kikivic was outplayed and advanced to 3-0 (57th).

Shortly afterwards, Silva scored 4: 0. It was a mistake on Mugley and comes after Forsberg’s (65th) penalty. Cheese is eaten, substitute Yusuf Paulsen loses in front of Kikivich, and Heinrich also loses in goalkeeper. Superman Nkunku gets off the Tedesco pitch, visual applause. Gulacsi leaves the pitch and makes his debut praising the retiring Philipp Tschauner. Then finished. RB are back with two defeats in the 4-0 league and the end of the European Cup.

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