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Brute followed Tuche in real life in the North for a preview of Tuche 4.

Go to Lom, near Proud Lily and spend a day … Les Tuche. The film crew took us with them before presenting events, memories, joy and lightness in the preview Tuche 4. “Jeff Touche character, he is always with me. This is a character I do, it’s from my childhood, I’m heard from BASIC“Jean-Paul Rowe says. For him, playing tux is like its own language.”Having heard a language throughout childhood, as a bilingual, it comes back very quickly“, The actor notes.

At the end of the screening, there is a good comedy meeting. “People, they want to give it to you, and we give it to them too, it’s cool, it’s lil, every time it’s like that.Jean-Paul Rowe smiles.


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