The Ukrainian leader hopes that the 2023 competition will be held in Mariupol. Boris Johnson also congratulated the Kyiv group, stressing the “unwavering support for your struggle for freedom.”

“Next year Ukraine will host Eurovision for the third time in history. We will do everything we can to make Mariupol the host city,” Zelensky added again on his Telegram channel.

“The hope is that next year Eurovision will be hosted in Kyiv in a free and united Ukraine,” added the President of the European Council.

Charles Michel

and we also quote some lines of the winning song, Stefania: “I will always find my way home, even if all roads are destroyed.” Also comes a congratulatory message from the High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the European Union

Josep Borrell

Long live the music! Long live Europe! Glory to Ukraine!

British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson

He offered his “congratulations to Ukraine.” It’s a clear reflection not only of your talent – he wrote on his Twitter profile – but of unwavering support for your freedom struggle. Johnson then congratulated the UK representative in a music competition: “I am very proud of Sam Ryder and how brilliantly he represented our country,” he said.


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