France and Macron pass pension reform without a vote and bypass parliament: street protests, police accusations

After getting the go-ahead from the Senate, the ruling bypassed a vote in the National Assembly by decision of the executive branch, which will now have to face requests for censure from the opposition. The unions announce a new mobilization on Thursday 23 March. After the blitz, thousands of protesters gathered independently at the Place de la Concorde in an impromptu demonstration: at least 120 arrested

fiercely disputed Pension reform in FranceWhich raises the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64, passes without a vote in parliament. Government Emmanuel Macron The ruling was approved to be activated by the Prime Minister Elizabeth Bournethe mechanism provided for in Art 49.3 from the constitution. After the green light from the Senate, it was not necessary to obtain the approval of the deputies either. The choice came in an atmosphere of great tension inside and outside the chamber: while the unions and demonstrators announce their intention to strike until the end, the opposition MPs They sang the Marseilles (video) and prevented the prime minister from speaking for a few minutes. “I take responsibility for my government,” Bourne later said, being booed. Soon after, thousands of people flocked Concorde Square For an impromptu sit-in, in the presence of the trade unions but also the various leaders of the “yellow vests”: the regime forces carried out a series of charges and used tear gas And Fire hydrants to disperse the demonstrators. In the evening the situation deteriorated further. After trying to evacuate the police with water cannons, groups of demonstrators returned to the attack, destroying and setting fire to various materials and vehicles, and clashed with the agents. Numerous damages in the nearby elegant Faubourg Saint-Honore. arrested 120 at least. After the parliamentary blitzkrieg, he announced the Coordination of the French Trade Unions “Una The new national mobilizationAgainst the Reformation Thursday, March 23rd“Instead of withdrawing the Bill, the Government has decided to force it,” he denounced the abbreviations in a note.

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“Until the last moment, together with our ministers, we made every effort majority pool on this text. “We wanted to vote,” Bourne said on national television in the evening. But he explained that was not possible because “some people wanted to make a character game In contradiction to their group’: referring to Republican MPs who intended to vote against reform, disobeying party indications. At that point, he returned “confirmed no more votes” and “a collective decision‘, indicating that we can’t Play the futureRelying on “possible changes in the position of opposition MPs. The challenge is to ensure a future for our pension system.” I am well aware that it is an important effort for the French to work for another two years. The reason may be that someone wanted to make people think that everything could be paid for by borrowing, but this is not a serious matter.” Then the Prime Minister said “I was shockedFrom the protests in the room: «Parliament, the National Assembly, the place for debate. If you do not want to listen to each other, it means that some parties do not respect our institutions.”

However, that’s not all for the government: within the next 24 hours, the opposition will have the right to submit motions of censure. servicesNational Assembly We have already announced that the vote on the proposals – which will be “transversal”, given that Marine Le Pen has already announced that she will also vote on the proposals of the left – is set to take place. Monday. The government has little chance of being defeated by confidence, unless Republican or centrist lawmakers vote against the government. According to the recent statements of the French parties, they will be Three movements In preparation: one of the Nupes, Nouvelle Union populaire ecologique et socialean alliance of French political parties founded by the left and environmental movements, an alliance that has already been officially announced by National Assembly And the third of several parties that the group can sign Libertés, Independents Outre-mer et Territoires (Liot), which has 20 deputies and deputies of the republic. Nupes deputies can also participate but not from La France Insoumise di Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Only this latest move appears to be able to gain momentum 289 votes needed to pass. If that happens, Elizabeth Bourne’s government will be overthrown. Macron would then have the option of reappointing you to form a new government, choosing another prime minister, or even dissolving the National Assembly.

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Only once in a date Fifth Republic In France, a government fell on a motion to censure the opposition, a tool used a hundred times. It happened in October 1962 with Charles de Gaulle President of the Republic. This was followed by the resignation of the Pompidou government, and General de Gaulle’s response was to dissolve Parliament. The motion of censure had to do with de Gaulle’s intention to do so Reforming the presidential elections and convert it from Senior voter vote To vote by universal suffrage, which is able to guarantee greater legitimacy for him in a period of serious political instability.


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