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See every detail of the draw in this note. In Chile This Sunday, January 16, the long-awaited ‘Kino Lottery’ will take place in the southern region, where thousands of people eagerly awaited to meet the shake-winners. Want to know how to review results and everything you need to take into account? The answer to this in the following paragraphs and so on. As for the results, it is worth noting that these will be published on Friday night at this link:

The information we provide you will be very useful throughout Chile, so we urge you to take note and share every detail with your racing friends. If you played this week ‘Loteria del Gino’ and you do not know if you are one of the winners, you have come to the right place. Check the winning numbers on the ‘Lottery’ website as soon as possible and share the shake results with your friends.

Important! The game takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at the same time.

What time is the ‘Kino Lottery’?

The ‘Kino Lottery’, like last week, will also take place Friday, January 14 at 10:30 p.m. In the territory of Chile. Of course, the results will not be ready by then, so the patience of all participants is required.

How to participate in ‘Kino Lottery’?

If you want to try your luck playing at ‘Lottery del Kino’ we tell you that you can do it by getting a 14 numbered ticket. The ‘Millionaire Pool’ winner (which accumulates after the draw) beats all the numbers on their ticket.

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It is worth noting that in the same order, up to ten of their numbers will be given to everyone who fits, however with an economic gift it will be much less. Keep in mind that there are other categories that can be played with the same ‘Kino’ card. Which ones?

  • Gifts for the number of cartons.
  • Regino.
  • Gift pig.
  • Marquette Combo.
  • Club Kino.
  • Coming Chief.

Kino Lottery: January 14 Results


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