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On the floors this Saturday night for the Celtics Challenge, Kevin Durant approached disaster with an impressive downfall. The miracle of not injuring the wing, especially when we review the images in slow motion.

As for the net, things finally got serious after a regular season marked by injuries. Luckily for Steve Nash, there are more sores to report, and all of his men are available to have a ring, okay if we put aside Spencer Dinoidi. The cast remains very solid, and the latter did his job against the Celtics in the first game.

This Saturday night, no problem for Brooklyn to take advantage of the series. 104-93 success, with Kyrie Irving sending Evan Fournier to Earth after a series of dribbles (Let’s see here again). But the most important thing is victory.

Irving specifically, he finished the match with 29 points at 11/20 Kevin Durant He was embarrassed with a 10/25 shot, including 1/8 with three points, but he still finished with 32 points, and a lot of fear after the drop. In fact, KD ended up on the floor with his arm under his body, which could cause massive damage.

A strange fall to Durant, which may have been caused by a bad injury. His right arm got stuck under his body and it could break under certain circumstances. Thankfully, fear is more than harm for Number 7, who quickly got up to reassure everyone.

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Therefore, this series starts perfectly for Nets, who can be defeated. Moreover, Durant is personally Explain how this might happenNeedless to say, the possible injury would have had severe consequences. Fans can take their breath, and the worst is avoided

The downfall of Kevin Durant, who could have hurt himself badly in the business. There is nothing serious to report to the ward, which does not appear to have noticed a problem. A little miracle for the curlers who don’t need it in the playoffs.


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