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The risk of flooding and landslides in 20 governorates. Maximum alert status for a million people. Four people were buried in a landslide in Anzin: one dead, one wounded and two missing

More than five million Japanese have received an eviction order due to Heavy rain hits the southern coast of the country. He writes that the risk of flooding and landslides has been identified in more than 20 provinces CNNExplaining that the authorities have Issued a maximum alert, level 5, affecting more than 1 million people In Saga, Nagasaki, Fukuoka and Hiroshima prefectures. A level 4 warning has been issued for another 17 prefectures, reaching more than 4 million residents. Some photos posted on social media show residents walking in thigh-high water on flooded streets, carrying children and personal items. Firefighters and other rescuers rescued stranded people by loading them onto inflatable boats. The water level is still rising in Many rivers that may overflow.

And in some cities on the southern island of Quicho, more than 40 mm of water fell within an hour, but according to meteorologists, it could drop as much as 250 mm in the next 24 hours. Rain caused a mudslide on Friday in the town of Unzen, in Nagasaki Prefecture, four people were buried. One person died and another was seriously injured. Rescuers are looking for the other two. Another landslide in Hiroshima on Friday seriously injured one person. According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Dozens of homes were damaged across the country from floods and landslides. Shinkinsen high-speed trains connecting the southern city of Hakata and Osaka to the west have been temporarily suspended by the West Japan Railway Company.

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