Paco Steinbeck survives heart attack -

He fills a spot on TV as part of “The Super Dealers”. Paco Steinbeck is considered straight, he does not slip on the lips. But now everything is different.

Appearing on “Promi Big Brother” last year, Paco Steinbeck is known to experienced junk TV viewers. The German-Spaniard stands out on the show with his blunt language and his straightforwardness. He eventually finished ninth on the Saturn.1 show. But the 47-year-old is currently unable to think about his career.

According to the “Built” newspaper, Steinbeck suffered two consecutive heart attacks, had to be resuscitated and was in a coma. Accordingly, on June 6 this year he collapsed on his own four walls. His girlfriend called an ambulance: heart attack. Paramedics were able to resuscitate him, and the hospital’s television reputation is said to have placed him in an artificial coma.

“A lot of people were worried”

But that’s not all: he is said to have had another heart attack a few days later and needs to be resuscitated, including an artificial coma. Steinbeck is now in stable condition. The report says he will soon begin rehabilitation work. Steinbeck’s manager Engin Cömert told the newspaper that the “super retailer” was still suffering from the difficulties of the past few days.


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